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126 - 5-Minute English: A Day At The Beach

August 04, 2022 Shana Thompson Season 3 Episode 126
American English Podcast
126 - 5-Minute English: A Day At The Beach
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Show Notes

In today's 5-Minute English episode, you'll learn vocabulary, phrasal verbs and collocations needed to describe A Day At The Beach.

Beach Recommendations

  • U.S. Beaches where you can drink
  • Nude Beaches in the U.S.
  • My favorite beaches in California: 
    • Pacific Beach - San Diego
    • Pismo Beach - near San Luis Obispo
    • La Jolla - near San Diego (go kayaking + look at the lion sharks below!)
    • Zuma Beach - Malibu (this is our go-to beach)
    • Santa Cruz (go to the Boardwalk boardwalk, SO fun!)
    • East Beach (downtown Santa Barbara - I love this because of the beach / city combo:))
    • Most people from California would probably also recommend Santa Monica ( go on rides at the pier and shopping on 3rd Street) / Venice Beach for its canals and Abbott Kinney Blvd for shopping, then of course Laguna Beach (go to Urth cafe!). All of the beaches south of Malibu are pretty awesome (Manhattan, Redondo, etc.)

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