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136 - Discover Michigan with Camille Hanson

December 27, 2022 Shana Thompson Season 3 Episode 136
American English Podcast
136 - Discover Michigan with Camille Hanson
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Show Notes

In today's episode, we're talking to Camille Hanson, an ESL teacher and social media influencer who grew up in the U.P. - the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Buckle up! You're about to be immersed in an adventure; one that includes snow, lake life, deer flies, girls hunting with bows and arrows and so much more. Learn from a local how you can take advantage of "The Mitten State."


Michigan is the 10th largest state in the US by population, and there’s quite a bit you should know about it. 

Michigan is located up in the Midwest, near Canada, and it has two main parts: The Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. Most people recognize the shape of the Lower Peninsula; it looks like a mitten. That’s why Michigan is sometimes referred to as "The Mitten State." 

College life in Michigan is a big thing. And like most states in the Midwest and South, they’re crazy about American football. 

The state is also home to the automobile industry with General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler headquartered there. 

Some famous names from Michigan include: Madonna (the singer), Francis Ford Coppola (the director and screenwriter of "The Godfather"), and William Boeing, a pioneer in aviation and creator of the Boeing Company. Yep, they’re all Michiganders.

If you like fishing, hiking and greenery, Michigan is where it’s at. 50% of the state is covered in forest, so it’s lush and green. It’s also home to over 10,000 lakes and 40,000 miles of rivers. Did I mention it touches all five of the Great Lakes? That’s a lot of water, a lot of shore and a lot of trees. 

As a tourist, you might want to try the world-famous cherries from there, try a pasty – not a pastie – and a beer from one of the many local breweries. Your senses will be overwhelmed!

Find Camille! You can check out Camille's work by visiting her website at Learn English With Camille.

- Yooper English (mentioned in audio)

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