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147 - 10 Words a Day: German Words in English (1-10)

June 29, 2023 Shana Thompson Season 3 Episode 147
American English Podcast
147 - 10 Words a Day: German Words in English (1-10)
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Show Notes

It's story time! Welcome to a true story about my friend, Nina, who is from Berlin, Germany. In the story of our friendship you'll learn 10+ German loanwords in English. A loanword is a words borrowed from a foreign language.

American English has many German words; how do we pronounce them?  Well, I know a lot of you are saying we butcher them, that's okay (I don't disagree with you!) In general, the pronunciation of a words depends on how popular / common a word is. If a German word is common in American English, naturally, there's an expected way to pronounce it, even if it's not how it is pronounced normally in German. 

The goal of this episode is to teach you how we pronounce the common ones and what to do when you come across uncommon loanwords. Here is a sample of some of the words in today's episode. 

  1. doppelgänger
  2. wanderlust
  3. schadenfreude
  4. Volkswagen
  5. kindergarten
  6. Rottweiler
  7. gesundheit!
  8. fest 
  9. angst or angsty
  10. waltz
  11. über
  12. kaput

Note: German loanwords in English follow English rules! While nouns are capitalized in German, in English, they are lowercase UNLESS they are proper nouns like Volkswagen OR if they derive from a proper noun, such as Rottweiler. Diacritical marks, such as the umlaut, are optional! 

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