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159 - 5-Minute English: Home Renovation

February 08, 2024 Shana Thompson Season 4 Episode 159
American English Podcast
159 - 5-Minute English: Home Renovation
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Show Notes

Last month, my family and I moved into a new home. In English, it's what we'd call a fixer upper; it's a home that needs updates, it needs renovation, it needs to be remodeled in various ways. We are in the process of fixing our house up, and today you'll hear a true story about the process. 

In this 5-minute English episode, you'll learn how to talk about home renovations and repairs in English. This is a topic-specific lesson, so it's jam-packed with vocabulary you will need if this topic arises in conversation.

If you sign up to premium content, or just the 5-minute English courses, you will receive an image sheet with pictures of all of the key vocabulary discussed, you'll see a video with those images and shadowing exercises to work on your pronunciation, as well as many exercises and quizzes to help you retain the words you hear. You also have an annotated transcript! Believe me, as a language learner myself, this is incredibly helpful for understanding a text.

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Mentioned in Episode 

  • Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines (this book is fantastic if you want to give someone a gift!)
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