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160 - Expression: Gimme Some Sugar!

February 22, 2024 Shana Thompson Season 4 Episode 160
American English Podcast
160 - Expression: Gimme Some Sugar!
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You're sitting on the couch and your significant other is too far from you. Want them to cuddle up next to you? Say: "Gimme some sugar!"

"Gimme some sugar" is a common American English expression used to express desire for physical affection, whether that be some cuddles, a hug, a kiss or even a fist pump! It's a playful idiom, and today, you'll learn its origin and hear a number of examples so that you can hear how native speakers would use it in various contexts.

The second part of this lesson will answer the questions: "How cereal became a popular breakfast food in the U.S." Stay tuned, the story is short, sweet and relevant!

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Definitions: Gimme Some Sugar (Individual Words)
Definition: Gimme Some Sugar
Origin of Gimme Some Sugar
Examples of Gimme Some Sugar
Pronunciation of Gimme Some Sugar