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109 - Dream Houses with Pete

October 31, 2021 Shana Thompson Season 3 Episode 109
American English Podcast
109 - Dream Houses with Pete
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Show Notes

I've always loved talking about Dream Houses. It's sort of a magical topic that everyone can relate to and yet for every person the response is going to be different. How we answer / describe our space largely depends on our life experience to date and perception of places we've been and have not been to. In this conversation I talk to Pete  (my Australian friend and host of the Aussie English Podcast)  about his dream home and we compare our previous living environments to where we'd like to be.

Would you like to live in a castle in France, a spacious apartment in New York or a cottage in the English countryside? All three? Me too!

Speaking about dreams and wishes in English it forces you to use conditionals. Check out how Pete and I switch from the first and second conditional in this conversation.


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