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114 - Dream House with Mara (Napa Valley Wine Country!)

January 21, 2022 Shana Thompson Season 3 Episode 114
American English Podcast
114 - Dream House with Mara (Napa Valley Wine Country!)
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Show Notes

After my last conversation with Pete about his "Dream House" in Australia (Ep. 109), I decided to ask my friends and family members about their dream home. My mom was the first to respond and this episode is her response.

My mom's dream house would be in Napa Valley in California, which is wine country here. As you can tell, she loves this topic - she uses all of the right terminology for stuff, some of it might be challenging to understand and that's ok. She's got a degree in Interior Design and spends her time decorating and redecorating, painting and changing every corner of her house, so her knowledge in the topic is on another level. She also regularly watches  design / housing / real estate shows on HGTV (Home and Garden Television).

Would you like to live in a castle in France, a spacious apartment in New York or a cottage in the English countryside? All three? Me too! Speaking about dreams and wishes in English it forces you to use conditionals.

Check out how my mom uses the second conditional in her description. Listen carefully to the audio and try to envision her dream house, then visit instagram to see the photos that inspired her audio.

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